Positive Leadership

This quote has resonated so deeply within me today. I am not even sure why, I have been out of the corporate environment for nearly 2 years but this really hit me!

Maybe it’s because I have so many friends currently affected by toxic leadership in companies. Where the leaders in the company are only there to look after themselves. Sadly, in these environments, the staff are treated as replaceable numbers. They are not important, they are an easily replaceable commodity. But it is the staff who keep the company ticking over and making the profits which the leadership rely on.

How tragic is it that so many large corporate companies have gotten to the point where the only thing that counts is money? Yes, I do understand that companies are in business to make money. However, if the leaders do not take the time to understand, nurture and care for the employees who work for them, they are going to have a despondent, demotivated and unhappy staff. This is true of how the most senior manager treats his seconds in command. How they treat the managers under them and so it flows down the rungs of the company to the ground level worker.

Can you imagine how amazing so many corporations could be if the senior management were focused on recognising employees who identified opportunities and acted on them? If they were looking out for that employee who had gone beyond the call of duty and thought outside the box. Imagine being an employee who WANTED to go to work every day because you knew you were valued, respected and counted on!

Thank you to Christine Leonardi for this fabulous quote!

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