Do you love your admin job?

  • Do you enjoy getting up in the mornings?
  • Are you excited to get to work to get going with the day’s tasks?
  • Is your boss someone you respect and who respects you?
  • Do you feel appreciated at work?
  • Are new ideas or changes viewed as positive at your company?

I have been blessed to have had more amazing managers than bad ones during my career in administration. As a result, I have loved my job more than not.  I was allowed to express my ideas and grow and develop my jobs into far larger roles than they originally were.  The encouragement to take initiative and make decisions was an amazing boost to my motivation and my enjoyment of my job.  

My family was never seen to be a ‘problem’ and any time I needed to look after them was not an issue.  My managers and I became a team working together to grow the department and ensure the company’s customers were looked after.  This ensured the customers were satisfied with the service and customer support they received.  As a result, I was more than happy to work extra time when needed and go the extra mile to get my job done.

However, a manager can make or break an employee or department by their attitude and management style.  If you are being clock watched, criticised, ridiculed, treated like a child, etc. you most definitely are not going to want to put in extra effort or time.  If you find you are demotivated and not interested in achieving the best you can in your job your problem may be your manager.

However, you do need to be honest with yourself, have you tried your utmost to make things work?  Are you doing your best possible work every day?  Are you trying to open the channels of communication to understand what your boss requires from you?  Make sure you are not causing part of the problem before you overreact.  We can all become complacent and set in our ways when we have been with a company for many years.

If you can honestly say you have done your utmost to make the situation work then maybe it is time to find another opportunity.  It may be in the same company just with a different manager or maybe it needs to be a totally new environment.

You deserve to be treated like the professional administrator which you are as well as being treated as an adult within your job environment.

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