Social Media Marketing Pricing

Are you overwhelmed by your Social Media and the different platforms?

Have you run out of time to ensure your social media is up to date with what your business is doing?

Let Thistle Admin assist you in getting your social media under control and working for you. 

Building a successful social media presence takes time, regular posting and engaging with customers. 

For most businesses, the 4 most valuable social media channels for exposure are Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. LinkedIn is a particularly effective tool for either corporate companies or smaller companies planning on dealing with corporate companies.

Why is Social Media Marketing relevant for my business?

  • Create online recognition of your services and products
  • Increase engagement with your target market
  • Build brand awareness and trust
  • Strengthen the company’s online reputation
  • Generate new customers for your business
  • Regular new social media posts to build interest
  • Increase traffic to your website via social media
  • Create a community of loyal customers
  • Improve your SEO ranking on your website
PackagesPlatformPosts per WeekPrice per MonthAdditional Hours
Lavender Package12R 300.00R 150.00
Aqua Package22R 500.00R 150.00
Forest Green Package33R 700.00R 150.00
Amethyst Package43R 900.00R 150.00

For me to assist you with the social media posts I will need to gain a good understanding of your company. To do this we will need to have discussions on a regular basis regarding your company – the history to current as well as what is planned for the next few months. This way we can prepare posts in advance.

If your company has specialized products I will require:

  • High-quality pictures to place on the posts.
  • Write-ups regarding your staff
  • Information regarding your products.

Additional Costs

  • R 275.00 per hour for Set-Up Costs to cover all required information and research.
  • R 300.00 per account for Set-Up of Business Social Media Accounts
  • R 300.00 per Blog Post (posted on Blog and social media accounts)
  • R 500.00 per Logo Design

Let Thistle Admin help you get your Social Media Accounts up to scratch and impress your customers.

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