Growth is Growth!

Growth is Growth, No Matter How Small!

  • How do you view growth?
  • Are you struggling with feelings of underachievement? 
  • Have you met your expectations for yourself?
  • Did Covid derail your goals for the last year?

We live in a society where only great impressive accomplishments are recognised.  From the moment we go to kindergarten, it is only when you excel that you are applauded.

But how do we get to these big and impressive achievements?  Often it is one tiny step at a time.  One new skill learnt this week, one task that was long outstanding that we completed or one unpleasant discussion had with someone.  Each of these gives us the freedom to move onto the next step and these are only 3 of possibly 100’s of examples.  However, we often forget the small steps once we reach our goals and achievements.

Particularly in this worldwide stressful time with even everyday life being more complex than ever, I believe it is important to acknowledge our small achievements.

Have you learnt something this week that you did not know before?  If you have, consider that you now have that knowledge to grow and build on.  Regardless of your next task, role or job that knowledge goes with you.  You will also find that these little bite-size pieces of knowledge grow and strengthen your platform for moving to your next step in your journey.

Perhaps it is time to review your expectations and goals; not to stop aiming for them.  But break them into smaller pieces that are easier to get your head around and easier to achieve.  This gives you positive feedback on a regular and ongoing basis.  Setbacks also tend to be smaller so there is less discouragement on a day-to-day basis.

Bill Hogan’s book of business principles explains it perfectly – How Do You Eat An Elephant? One Bite At A time!

Final quote by Francis of Assisi:

Start by doing what’s necessary;

Then do what’s possible;

And suddenly you are doing the impossible.

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