A Virtual Assistant can save hours each week!

How can a Virtual Assistant save you hours each week? There are many skills which a Virtual Assistant may have – each one has their own unique experience and set of skills. As a business owner, it is not always easy to identify the functions you could outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about how a Virtual Assistant could handle some of your time-consuming administration.

  • Data Capture and Typing
    • Any information you need to be captured onto Excel or Word I can handle with ease for you.
  • Transcription
    • Send me a WhatsApp dictation and I will turn it into the required document for you to preview and then we can edit as required.
    • Meeting recordings which you need to be turned into minutes, interview notes, etc – send them to me to transcribe for you.
  • Documents
    • Are you in need of templates (invoices, quotes, letterheads, presentations)?  I can create those for you.
    • Let me edit and format (including numbering and fonts) any documents you have started.
    • I can merge multiple documents or presentations into one cohesive document or presentation.
    • Proof reading of a document can be time consuming and is often neglected resulting in embarrassing errors – let me handle this for you.
  • Presentations
    • I can merge multiple documents or presentations into one cohesive document or presentation.
    • Allow me to animate and tidy up presentations for a professional impact.
    • Send me your ideas and let me create draft presentations for you.
    • Let me proof read your presentations prior to usage to ensure they are error free.
  • Social Media Management
    • Do you have all the possible social media channels set up for your business? If not, I can assist you in creating these.
    • When did you last update your social media channels?  If you are not posting at least weekly then you are losing out on possible leads.
    • Are you spending too much of your time creating adverts? Send me your ideas and I will create adverts for you to approve, after which I will post them to your channels.

Contact Morag at Thistle Admin to discuss how we can be of assistance to you – morag@thistleadmin.co.za

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