Focus on your Staff

  • Do you have the time to focus on your staff?
  • Are you able to ensure your staff are receiving the attention they require from you?
  • Are you aware of issues and difficulties your staff might be facing?

OR does your administration have you so distracted that you have not time to assist and focus on your staff?

As a manager, you know your staff are your greatest assets.  Neglected staff will definitely not work to their maximum capacity or quality.

Even before COVID and lockdowns, administration has always taken up huge portions of time in a day and it has only gotten worse. Especially as many companies had to retrench staff and most often it was admin staff.

As a small to mid-size business, I am sure the added stress which occurred with lockdown has led to a piling up of administration.  This added to the fact that most conversations were happening via phone or video meetings it was often difficult to stay on top of where your staff were at. 

For many companies during the last year, day-to-day admin has taken a back seat unless it was something urgent.  Even if you are back in the office, I am guessing you are so busy trying to get on top of the admin which took a back seat during lockdown that you have no time left to look after your staff. 

Your staff are also probably suffering from having too much basic admin to cope with.  Unfortunately, admin is one of those annoying groups of tasks that if left undone tend to multiply out of all context. They may feel unable to approach you if you are hectically busy with administration.

This is where a Virtual Assistant can be your saving grace.  Let Thistle Admin handle the tasks that are taking away from your staff’s time to get their work done.  We can take care of the administration that is preventing you from looking after your staff and growing your business.

Thistle Admin can handle a vast array of tasks from data capture, typing to transcription, proofreading, document management and social media management.

Contact Morag Davis on for assistance.

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