Unzipping what a Social Media Manager is and does?

A brand’s social media channels are controlled and looked after by a Social Media Manager (SMM).  Social media channels include Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Blogs amongst others.  Brand awareness is a major part of a company’s marketing and the SMM ensures the content posted establishes them as an expert in their industry.

An SMM creates relative content for the social networks and blogs consisting of text, photographs, videos, interviews, infographics, etc.  Basically, any information that could be of interest or assistance to the company’s clients.  The launching of fun and customer engaging activities also falls within the role of the SMM – these could be quizzes, polls or competitions.

As an SMM your communication, research and writing skills need to be excellent.  One of the key points is to create your message and images/videos for the audience you are targeting.  The content which is written also needs to cover the company’s SEO optimisation to attract a larger audience.  As the responsible employee for the social media channels, an SMM will approve and moderate comments. The SMM will also monitor and respond to comments by customers.  The responses the SMM will be dealing with will range from compliments to criticism.  A good sense of humour and the strong instincts to know how to respond to the criticisers without inflaming the situation are mandatory for the role.

Companies utilising social media today range from entrepreneurs to the largest mega-corporations.  Social media usage by private individuals and companies has increased significantly over the last 5 years on all social media platforms.  The COVID-19 pandemic has also forced more people and companies to work online.  As a business owner, your social media presence or lack thereof could seriously help or hinder your business.

The analysis of the data from campaigns and social media content for management reports is part of the Social Media Manager’s responsibilities.

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