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Catching The Dreaded Covid

Catching the Dreaded Covid Unfortunately, I had the misfortune of personally meeting the Covid virus in June 2021.  The first thing I want to say to you is “You Do Not Want To Catch this Virus!!”  We are still not sure where or how we caught it but that scarcely...

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Growth is Growth!

Growth is Growth! Growth is Growth, No Matter How Small! Unknown How do you view growth? Are you struggling with feelings of underachievement?  Have you met your expectations for yourself? Did Covid derail your goals for the last year? We live in a society where only great impressive accomplishments are...

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About Me

I am a happily married mother of 2 sons (both now taller than me!) and 5 furbabies in the form of our cats - Alonso, Enzo, Ouzo, Isla & Dartagnan. We are blessed to have 3 grandparents who we see regularly and a wonderful bunch of camping friends who join us in escaping to the bush as often as possible! For me, my faith and belief in Christ is the only way I make it through each day - I am still trying daily to become more like him. After being retrenched at the end of 2020 I received an initial suggestion to start my own business. This turned into a flood of messages and confirmations of this journey and that's how Thistle Admin come to be. I am now on the journey to growing and discovering more about the world of Virtual Admin.


As you walk your road this day, may each moment be blessed with the brightness of His glory, the goodness of His love, the beauty of His peace, the presence of His hope. May you walk in faith and believe all these great gifts from Him will “Shine Forth in Your Day” “Unknown”


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