Do you require a Virtual Assistant?

Do you require a Virtual Assistant?

  • Does your desk look like this picture?
  • Are you under pressure to find enough hours in the day?
  • Are you starting a new business?
  • Are you snowed under?
  • Are you struggling to get to visit your customers?
  • Are you managing to follow up with leads from your social media accounts?
  • Are your social media accounts up to date and relevant?

If you answered “YES” to 2 or more of these questions, there is a good chance that you would benefit from hiring a Virtual Assistant.

There are so few hours in a day, particularly for busy entrepreneurs and small to mid-size business owners that frequently the administrative functions of a growing company prevent core business development.  The obvious side effect of postponement of core business development is delays in achieving full company progress and in many instances a loss of customers due to neglect.

This is where a Virtual Assistant becomes your strongest weapon in developing and maximising your organisation.  Let me worry about your office administration, social media activities, and organisational tasks while you focus on your business.

For large corporate companies, a Virtual Assistant can be of benefit for:

  • A project outside the scope of permanent employees’ roles
  • A gap in your employee numbers due to extended illness or leave
  • Assist departments with backlogs

A Virtual Assistant is an organisational specialist who works from home to fulfil many of the functions of an office-bound Executive / Personal Assistant or Office Manager. 

Advantages of employing a Virtual Assistant:

  • Increased productivity 
  • Professional service
  • No office space needed
  • No recruitment costs
  • No employing and managing of permanent staff
  • No PAYE, UIF and Leave Pay
  • Lower Overheads
  • Choose your required Hours for the Virtual Assistant to work

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