Filing – Is yours out of control?

If you work with paper, I am sure you have filing. As much as we were all promised a paperless society with computers and then with each new super software package; it is not really a reality in many peoples lives.

And even if you are lucky enough to only work with electronic documents they still involve filing.

In some cases, you deal with both hard copy filing as well as having to scan and digitise the hard copies to create soft copies.

Thistle Admin can be your Helping Hands! – Please find our YouTube video here.

We can sort out the backlog, do the hard copy filing for you, scan and file the soft copies in the relevant folders and basically get you caught up with that dreaded word – FILING!

Contact me at to discuss how I can help you resolve your filing issues.

Obviously, hard copy filing and scanning is only really practical if you are in and around the Kempton Park area (or are prepared to pay courier bills).

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