Looking for Positivity

How many of you feel like me right now that no matter how hard you seem to be working, you are just not getting to where you believe you should be?

I know many of us are also wondering how on earth do we get from where we are to where we plan/imagine ourselves being?

Life is hard right now and it does not matter if you are in a steady job, an entrepreneur, a small/medium size business. It is still a struggle to get up each day and face your personal issues.  And we need to remember we are all facing different challenges/storms.

The one thing I have learnt (again – I am a slow learner, sometimes) is that we cannot fix everything in one go or at one time.  We need to pray and find our direction, even if right at this point it does not make sense, and take one step at a time.  At times the direction we feel to be pulled in seems to go against our previous plans. I believe the important thing is to start and take that first step.

For different people that first step means different things. Making a difficult phone call, apologising for something we know we did wrong or finding that next special offer to create to bring customers in. Start by writing down what needs to be done and prioritising the items before working through them and ticking them off one by one.

Keep your eyes open and seek that bright spark of positivity, no matter how small.  And tomorrow use that tiny spark to take the next step. Each and every day keep looking for the positive, however small.  Some days the positive is going to be HUGE and right in your face.  Other days it will be a tiny twinkle just on the edge of our vision. 

Either way, you have found it and you can face the next challenge or the next day with a positive song in your heart.

Let me join you on your journey to be your administrative HELPING HANDS!

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